Send This Email to Everyone Who Has Given Money to Your Church This Year

The text below is an email you can send to every one who has donated money to your church in 2013.  Just change the bullet points, run a report of all of your donors this year, and hit send.

Subject:  Here’s what we’ve done with the money you’ve given


Pastor John here.  I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know three cool things that have happened so far this year.   These are directly related to the money you’ve given, so you’ve got a big part in this.

  • The student ministry continues to grow on Wednesday night.  We don’t do a ton of youth group fundraisers because we’re able to fund that important ministry out of the budget.  THANK YOU!
  • We made a building payment.  I’m glad we’re able to meet indoors, so while paying the mortgage on the church building isn’t sexy, I think it’s a pretty good thing.
  • We gave the staff paychecks.  I think you’d agree we have a great team here at Cross Church.   Larry, Sue, Doug and Keith all do a great job and I’m so bless to work with them every day.  They are really good people!

These things might seem ordinary to you, but make no mistake about it…what we do every day, every week and every month matters for eternity. 

I just wanted to thank you for your generosity.  It really means a lot to me.


Simple email communication like this really do make a BIG difference.  Letting donors know where the money goes builds trust and encourages people to stay faithful.

Now if you’re ready to make a big impact with appreciation, don’t just stop with email.

Sending hand-written thank you notes to donors is a simple act of appreciation that will go a long way toward creating a culture of generosity in your church.  That’s why we created WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GIVE, a combo thank you note/booklet you can send donors.

What Happens When You Give

If you want to download a PDF preview of the book, you can do so right here.

Send them to first time donors, or give them to everyone in your church after a message on stewardship.  They really will make an impact.

You get a case of 48 booklets, 48 blank thank you notes and 48 envelopes for $199. Go get it now.