Stats, Stories and Scripture Motivate People to Give

Every weekend, you have the opportunity to motivate your people to give.

But it’s time to abandon the tired, canned speech that you use every week. You can spice up this important moment in your service.

You can motivate and inspire people to give, not just give them an opportunity.

Here’s three tools you can use:

Stats: Where does a dollar go? How many guests have attended church so far this year? How many children are in a particular environment? How much help have you given your community? How many volunteer hours does it take to execute a weekend service? Stats are a great way to highlight ministry and connect the ministry of the church to the time of giving in the service.

Stories: How has Jesus changed your life? How has your church helped a family? What marriage has been restored? What child has placed their faith in Christ? Who is going public with their faith in baptism? What lives are being changed? People who do not care about statistics often connect with a story.

Scripture: What does the Bible say about giving? What does God say about generosity? What’s the difference between a tithe and an offering? What principles are mis-taught? Many people simply don’t know what the Bible says about generosity and giving.

Every giving talk from Giving Rocket is based on this principle. We take a stat, story or Scripture reference and write a giving talk that you can use in your church.

It’s a done-for-you service for every Giving Rocket subscriber. Simply print it off, give it to a staff member or volunteer and intentionally motivate your people to participate in the offering. You can get started for just $1.

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