Success Story From A Member

We get emails all the time from Giving Rocket members sharing how things are going in their church.  I wanted to share one that we got this week with you. This FIRES me up!


I never thought I’d be saying this…but “I’m FIRED UP!!!”

Myself, our senior pastor, and 2 other staff members (all of which are unpaid…for now) attended your seminar in Charlotte, NC.  We really came looking for a silver bullet.  We only have about 60-75 in attendance each week and are the “broke” church you spoke about.

After returning home to SC, we agreed to at least try the system for $1 for the first month.  What could we lose?  Along with the (Giving) talk, we implemented the first part of our digital giving, a card swipe for VISA/MC on my iPhone. 

That afternoon, I was at the point of tears when I began counting the offering with my team.  We had an 87% increase!

Later that night, we had a Super Bowl Party and Chili Cook-off outreach.  We put out donation baskets by the serving table.  The pastor and I had already agreed, that whatever came in, (even though our church needed it to pay two large bills that were past due) we would give to another “street ministry” that was recently established.  We raised $109 and gave it to them during half-time.  During the 3rd quarter, one of the church members came up and asked how much I gave to the other ministry. When I told him we gave them $109, he asked if had “that electronic iPhone thing with me”.  I said “yes”.  He doubled our donation, and gave $218 back to our church (on the spot).

Did I say, “I’M FIRED UP!”

Thank you, Casey, for your ministry and how you have helped further God’s work in a small mill village in Greer, SC. 

Cary Hardin
Admin Pastor

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