The Five Types of Givers in Every Church

On any given Sunday, there are people in the congregation who WILL support your church financially and those who WILL NOT.  But it’s not quite so black and white.  Every church actually has FIVE types of givers.

  1. Many people don’t give at all.  Some studies show this is actually MOST of the people in your church.   You need an intentional strategy to engage this large group of people.
  2. Some people give a “tip,” based on how much they have with them at the moment, or based on an extraordinary financial event in their life.   You need an intentional strategy to help this group of people make a consistent commitment.
  3. The consistent giver gives a specific percentage on a regular basis.  This group of people needs two very specific things from you:  communication and information.
  4. The extravagant giver gives over and above the normal amount.  We call these high-capacity givers, and we’ve got a whole system to help you disciple this group of people.
  5. Some people used to give, but for one reason or another have stopped.  This could signify a big event that constitutes a reason to step in and provide pastoral care.

If you’re a Giving Rocket member, you’ve got access to specific coaching on how to engage each of these types of givers. Not a Giving Rocket member? Try it free here!