The Trinity of Special Offerings

If you take offerings all the time, they aren’t special anymore. Here are a list of special offerings we have heard of recently. Can you think of anymore?

  • Love Offering
  • First Fruits Offering
  • Annie Armstrong Offering
  • Drink Offering
  • Lottie Moon Offering
  • Wesley Woods Mother’s Day Offering
  • World Missions Offering

We suggest churches only take three special offerings a year. There are a lot of offerings
you CAN do, but here are the top three I would strongly consider:

1. The Easter Offering

Easter is a great time to take an offering. Big results happen around big days.
Check out THIS post about why most churches are scared to do The Easter

The benefits are great. Nothing can build your financial margin faster. Nothing can
build your people’s generosity further than big days as well. Easter is a huge day,
and you can really do the Easter Offering RIGHT and not lose people. We have
done the entire Easter Offering system for our Giving Rocket members. It rocks this
year. Look at the graphic and art we did for them.

2. Christmas Offering

Year end giving is a great time for giving in churches. This offering yields massive
return on investment for the operational budget of your church. Check out a recent
member who did their year end giving and see what happened. The goal was
$30,000 (link to Dave Anderson post)

3. Annual Vision Offering

The annual vision offering is best done in January, May, Sept or October in most
churches in the USA.

This offering is connected to a vision series your church preaches. You have one
time a year to really ask your donors to move their giving forward significantly, and
the Annual Vision Offering provides this opportunity.