Three Things That Need More Funding in the Church

We’ve worked with thousands of churches around the country (and one or two in other countries) to help them have more money for ministry.  In many churches, these things have been cut in recent years.  But if you have a healthy funding plan, you can allocate more resources to these important areas.
  1. Staff Development.  It’s often one of the first things to get cut when money gets tight, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy staff.  Spend money to bring people in to talk to your team and send people to conferences – you will not regret the long-term benefits. And get away for spiritual retreats and spend money on soul-care, not just idea generating conferences.  The same thing applies to your volunteers and leaders by the way.  This is one of those areas that doesn’t seem like it has tangible benefits, but when you take care of your team, there’s a tremendous trickle down effect.
  2. Children and students.  People who say the next generation is the future of the church are wrong – children and students are the PRESENT.  I know you feel like you’re sinking money into a ministry that doesn’t produce money (after all, kids don’t give that much money), but you’re being a good steward with people.  And when you meet the needs of children and students, their parents will take notice.  We think church leaders should fight to get more funding for these important ministries.
  3. Starting new churches.  Sadly, this is another thing that gets cut when money gets tight, but don’t do it!  When you invest in church planting, you’re investing in Kingdom expansion.  If humans refused to reproduce, that would be a bad thing.  Churches need to commit to reproduce as well.  God will honor and bless that faithfulness.

An intentional focus on increased giving can help you fund these and other key initiatives in your church.  It’s not about having more money…it’s about having more money for ministry.  Learn more about this in this FREE report called Five Financial Systems every church should have.