Vacations are Neccessary

Family vacations are important.


If you’re working at a church that can’t survive without the pastor for a week or two, then you’re working at the wrong church.


If you’ve led your staff or congregation to constantly need you, then you haven’t done a good job of leading your church.


It’s absolutely necessary that you spend time with your family.


You need to plan and save for this expense, and not feel guilty when the time comes.  You may be committed to paying every free cent to your mortgage, but this doesn’t excuse a Scrooge-mentality when it comes to your family.


Pastor, don’t sacrifice your family for the sake of the ministry.


If you have a growing church but your kids don’t know you (or Jesus), you won’t feel like a success in the end.


Plan and budget for vacations with your family.


Don’t let a finance committee, church member, or the calendar keep you from spending time and money on what really matters.


Where are you going on vacation this year?