What is a “Tithe Challenge?”

Most people are “tithe challenged,” but what people need is a “tithe challenge.”  Every year, pastors and church staff are informed that only about 3-4% of Christians tithe.  So, apparently people are “tithe challenged.”  One way to combat those that are challenged in this area of their spiritual growth is through a “tithe challenge.”

A “Tithe Challenge” is a pre-determined amount of time when everyone in your church is asked to bring the whole tithe back to God.  The challenge could run in conjunction with a sermon or a sermon series as an applicable step for people who are not giving or are just tipping.  In fact, this is probably the best way to help move a person from being a tipper to a tither.  If we are to take God seriously, as God says to test Him with the tithe (Malachi 3:10), then we need to call people to test God with the tithe.  This is a great way to help everyone feel a little more comfortable with making the decision to tithe.

Speaking of Malachi 3:10, if your church does a “Tithe Challenge,” it might be wise to offer a “Tithe Guarantee.”  A tithe guarantee is essentially the same thing as a refund.  If a person participates completely in the challenge, but in the end finds that they really need the tithe, then within a certain amount of time concluding the challenge, they can request it back.

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