When to Give Up the Pulpit (and how often)

How many weekends a year do you preach?  45 or more?  Fifty?  All of them?

Preaching every week can be emotionally and spiritually draining.  I know you’re called to communicate the Gospel and you love sharing God’s Word with people, but a drained pastor isn’t a good preacher.

Get intentional about taking a few weeks off.  Rather than give away the low-attendance weekends, strategically develop at least one other communicator in your church and give them some prime time.

Here are a few ideas and thoughts.

  1. Look for ways to give people the opportunity to “cut their teeth” in smaller environments.  You might not think you have someone who could fill the pulpit, but could they talk for 10 minutes in a new-member class?
  2. Plan in advance to take a couple of weeks off. If you don’t plan it, it probably won’t happen.  Go ahead RIGHT NOW and block off two weekends in a row.
  3. Involve other people in the preparation process. As you study and prepare with people, you’re helping people develop those skills.
  4. Bring in great guest speakers.  There are people who can fill in on a Sunday and do a great job.

I know God has called to you to preach the Gospel and I know you love your church.  But a drained pastor is not a good pastor. Take some time off. Refresh. Recharge. And relax. Sometimes, a vacation is the most spiritual thing you can do.

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