Where Did All the Money Go?

 When is the last time you shared with the church where all the money goes?  I am not talking about from the offering plate to counter’s table to a safe to a bank.  I am talking about how all the money is spent.  If you have not taken the opportunity to inform the people, consider incorporating it into this week’s offering talk.  Here is what happened when one of the attendees at our FREE Giving Rocket tour events decided to inform his church:



Hey man just wanted to say thank you for what you and the team at Giving Rocket are doing.  

After thinking about joining Giving Rocket several times over the past month, we finally pulled the trigger at the Chicago Giving Rocket Tour stop two weeks ago.  After just two Sundays I’m blown away by the results.

We were inspired on the Tour to share with our church in a giving talk where their money goes when they give.  The next Sunday was the final Sunday of our fiscal year so we decided to create a 4 page Annual Report to share with everyone who attended the next Sunday.  We created it on Wednesday and had it back from the printer on Friday.  Then passed them out on Sunday.  We took the “Where the Money Goes” giving talk and updated it for our situation and applied it to the Annual Report we’d printed.  At the close of our worship experiences, before the offering, we took 4 minutes to celebrate what God had done in the past year, where their giving went, and challenged everyone to be a part of what God was going to do in the next 12 months.

We usually average around $6,500 per week in our offering.  Our previous highest regular offering was $8,994.  This past Sunday, with no special giving emphasis, we received $13,059.15 in un-designated giving!  I think it’s safe to say, I wish we’d joined Giving Rocket months ago.  The giving talks alone, with a little local creativity, are worth the price of membership.

Thanks again for what you and your team are doing!