Who Should Follow Up With Givers

When it comes to following up with givers, here’s one of the most frequent questions we get: Who should be the primary person to follow up with givers in my church?

I believe that it primarily should be the pastor, as a means of leading the way. After all, you are the person who needs to know the heart condition of your church.  A lot of churches are struggling because the pastor doesn’t assume financial responsibility, confining himself to his office or study.  The reality is the pastor is the pace setter.

  • Just because you’re the primary point person doesn’t mean you need to do all of the work. Utilize your staff and team of volunteers to get this done.
  • When it comes to follow up emails, you can write a note, but have someone else compile stories, create and send the final email.  As for things such as quarterly newsletters, you create an outline, write a personal thank you and let your most creative person produce it.
  • If you’re creating videos, get your church’s techno genius to help you produce, upload and send them to the church.  Let a creative guy have fun.

If you’re in a multisite church, you can utilize your campus pastors to handle these things as well. However, when it comes to the High Capacity giver, no one can follow up with them and have the impact that you will.

No matter what, take the time to invest and love the people in your church who are generous. Let Giving Rocket help you develop a plan and strategy for following up with givers in your church.  If you join this month, you’ll get access to a ton of follow up coaching, samples and templates.