Why Are Churches Scared To Take Up An Easter Offering?

Churches are usually scared to take up an Easter Offering because of the amount of people who will be attending the church for the first time.  Pastors tell me that they have a fear of scaring off newcomers.

In every church where a pastor has pressed through this fear and held an Easter Offering anyway, they come back to me and say things like, “That really wasn’t a bad idea.”

Asking for money on Easter is a no-brainer because big days produce big results, and you WILL NOT lose the people attending for the first time.  Here is why:

1. People aren’t dumb

Do you really think that unchurched people are shocked that you will talk about money?  I actually think you have an awesome opportunity to show them that talking about money can be FUNNY and do it in a NO guilt and life-giving way.

2. You can tell them the offering is for them

Explain that the reason you are taking an Easter Offering is because you want to provide ministry for people who don’t go to church.  If you can show them that you are doing GOOD with the money and loving your community, they will respect that.

3. People who come to church rarely like to chip in

They are coming to to the church out of some religious guilt, usually.  If they participate in the offering, you can follow up with them and show them OVER THE TOP generosity as a church.

You should send What Happens When You Give to every new donor from your Easter Offering.  This book makes the giver feel SO VALUED and super appreciated.  It is a great outreach tool for new people in your church.