Why Most Special Offerings Fail

Most special offerings that don’t reach their goal fail because of a few things.

1. The goal is wrong

If you truly think the dollar amount is the goal, you always fail. If the goal is about people, you never really fail. I know this is a hard shift to make and believe, but it’s true.

2. You don’t communicate in advance

We provide our GivingRocket.com members with a step by step checklist for communicating a special offering. You can have access to all of these materials this month for $1.

3. You don’t ask people clearly for money

You INFORM people, but you never truly ASK people. At some point, you have to man up and look at your church people in the face and tell them the truth. The truth is, their wallet indicates what they care about and they need to give and give today!

4. You don’t have digital giving options

Most people in your church don’t carry cash or check. It’s unfair to ask them to give without giving them a way. Check out THIS post about digital giving.