Why Your Church Needs An Annual Funding Plan

Most of the churches we work with do a decent job of creating a “money going out” plan. In most cases, there’s usually a budget that shows how the money will be spent.

A budget is a spending plan.

But you need an annual funding plan.

I’m talking about a strategic plan for receiving all the money that’s allocated in the budget. You can have an amazing budget, but without the dollars to fund it, you’ll have an idle spending plan that won’t lead to real ministry.

Maybe your staff, leadership team or finance team has agonized over where to spend the dollars, but here’s an important question: Who is agonizing over actually receiving those dollars? Finance teams are good at critiquing, but who is creating?

A budget shows where the money will go. A funding plan actually gets that money. You need BOTH of these plans.

We created a five-step plan for you. We recorded video, audio and wrote it all down in an eBook. We’ve formatted the spreadsheet.

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