5% of Churches Are Breaking the Law

In a few months, we’re releasing the results of a massive giving survey, and some of the results are truly amazing.  The entire findings will be available soon, but I was floored by one particular  answer.

We surveyed more than 1,000 churches and found that 5% of respondents don’t send any form of annual contribution statement at all.

Not only is this not smart, it’s actually against the law.  While each person is responsible for providing documentation to back-up their charitable contributions, 501c3 organizations are required to provide written documentation to substantiate donations.  Since it’s usually not possible to provide “on the spot” receipts, churches send an annual contribution statement.

Not only should you do this on an annual basis as required by law, you should also do this on a quarterly basis to regularly communicate with your donor base and show them how their donations are helping ministry happen.  Four times a year, send them something that connects their donations to the vision.  Inspire and inform your donors.  It’s good leadership.