New Church Giving Statistics Revealed

Church Giving Stats Revealed

The premise of the the Church Giving Survey was to look at how churches are doing financially & what was influencing their giving.  I have to say that I was surprised at the data that came back.

Here is what surprised me:

1. 86% of churches are BROKE or BEHIND budget 

The study reveals only 14% of churches are ahead of budget.  This is a problem.  86% of churches are just existing… Jump over to the survey page & find out why.

2. Increasing church giving isn’t difficult

The study reveals 5 key influencers on church giving.  All 5 of the influencers can be implemented by any church of any size.

3. The 14% of churches ahead of budget act the same

The churches exceeding budget are different in their demographics but the same in how they operate.  I didn’t think it would be like this but it was.  It shocked me to see that there really is a formula you can use to increase church giving.