Stop Focusing on the Tithe and Focus on Jesus

“Tithing scriptures” is one of the most popular searches leading to this blog. It seems like people are looking for Bible verses to share before the offering is received, or looking for ways to teach the people in their church about the Biblical principle of tithing.

We want to help you and your church talk about tithing, giving and generosity. But there’s more to it. Focusing on teaching your people to tithe is just a part of the strategy. There’s a better way.

There’s a new rule of fundraising in the church. You’ve got to help people fund their dreams, not just ask them to fund yours.

Don’t just skip over that statement, because it’s a powerful principle. For too long, the church has taught tithing as a way to fund the budget and do good things. That’s not bad, but it’s incomplete.

The people in your church have jobs, families, houses, and bills. And they have goals and dreams. Can you imagine what would happen if you inspired them and equipped them to reach their financial goals, instead of just offering them opportunities to help the church do more?

People don’t get mad when you talk about money. They get mad when you beat them up.

People aren’t upset when you teach them what the Bible says about money. They feel tricked when you only tell them what the Bible says about GIVING money.

People aren’t offended when the church talks about money (they talk about money every day!), they are offended when out-of-touch pastors use guilt to motivate.

When you help people save and spend, you’ll earn the right to ask them to give. When you HELP people with their personal finances, you’ll help people FEEL like they can be generous.