The Missing Ingredient in Most Church Financial Language

If you use numbers to talk about the numbers, you’re leaving behind a ton of people. Most people in your church could care less about spreadsheets and charts and never open Excel.

Yes, information is important. But mind-numbing facts and stats are only going to communicate to the accountants and engineers. If you want to communicate to everyone, you’ve got to tell stories.

• Tell stories of how your church helped provide groceries for a local family in need.
• Talk about how your church has given money to a mission organization to feed the hungry and impoverished children in another country.
• Talk about how your resources have been used to walk hurting and broken families through healing and restoration.

Make sure you tell stories that inspire, encourage and inform people about the things happening in your church. Information is great, but if you combine it with a story, you’ll hit a homerun.

The key is to make sure you communicate that those who are giving to the ministry of the church are directly part of these stories. It gives people a place and point of significance. When people feel significant, they continue to invest!