The Perfect Annual Contribution Statement

Before you send out your annual contribution statement, you should turn it into a “vision statement”.

Start the year out right and create the BEST vision statement your people have ever seen.

3 Components Of A Killer Contribution Statement

1. Vision:  Contrary to popular belief, most people don’t care about your church as much as you do.  You have to create something that will benefit the reader.   Think through how you share your vision, and make sure it’s interesting.

2. The actual statement: A print-out of how much they have given the last year financially.

3. Call To Action:  THIS IS THE MOST LEFT OUT!!!!! The best call to action is either an envelope or a separate card that drives them to the website to give online right then.

We have a fully designed, fully written, year end vision statement done for our members.

If you have ever wondered what members get, it’s stuff like this.  Quit working alone… Join now!