When Tithing Is Too Much

We don’t ask first graders to do advanced algebra.
You don’t program the launch codes on your first day at NASA.
You don’t sign up for the Olympics after one year of youth soccer.

Sometimes, pastors ask people to take steps that are too big for them to take.  It’s especially true when it comes to giving.

People who are upside-down on their mortgage and over-spending on their budget and crippled by credit card debt may not feel like they can jump from total chaos to tithing.  Argue if you like, but it’s a big step for people, and like stepping across the ocean, if people feel like they will fail at the onset, they probably won’t even try.

Giving people simple steps they can take is a great place to start. It’s certainly appropriate to teach people what the Bible says about stewardship and generosity and tithing, but maybe you could ask people to take one small step.

Ask them to automate a monthly contribution.
Ask them to give 1% more than they are currently giving.
Ask them to volunteer one week a month.

Encourage people that no matter where there are, there’s a simple next step they can take.